ICMP Flood DOS Example with RaspBerry Pi Zero W

First Have to İnstall Apache Web Server:

sudo apt-get install apache2

Directly Web Server Start in port 80. You customize Web Site in var/www/html path and add and change html files. For example:

cd /var/www/html/ 
sudo touch two.html
sudo nano two.html

İn Attacker Machine we search Raspberry Pi’s İp with arp-scan in local net obviously:

arp-scan --interface en0 --localnet

if your wifi you may use wlan0 or something like that or if you use ethernet use eth0 or something like that. İt is obvious.

arp-scan’s result is something like that: ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff Raspberry Pi Foundation

Now we know ip of pi. We use this for Attack.

Open index of Pi’s Web Server:

İt’s open. Now We write ICMP flood Attack with JAVA. We use InetAddress.isReachable function for ICMP Request. And Open too many Connections with Classic Thread open mechanism. Code is messy but understandable:

And with this code RaspBerry Pi Zero’s Web Server is Easily dead. Even SSH can’t respond.

Picture is important I guess:

Lastly How to run this code:

javac Ping.java 
java Ping Pi's_Address

Thanks for reading

Originally published at http://anilkaynr.wordpress.com on November 6, 2019.

Computer Engineer,Sociologist, CSE Master Student

Computer Engineer,Sociologist, CSE Master Student